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Microsoft, Apple, Samsung & LG All Developing A Smart Watch

15th April 2013


Microsoft’s team of developers has recently joined the race to create the world’s first smart watch. Companies such as Apple, LG and Samsung are already reportedly developing smart watch technology. The Apple version of the wearable technology has already been dubbed the ‘iWatch’. According to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft has been working on designs for a touchscreen based smartwatch device. The publication cited executives at Microsoft suppliers for the information.

This move would not represent Microsoft’s first foray into wrist based technology. Microsoft has previously collaborated with a company called Fossil and other watchmakers to develop SPOT (smart personal object technology). The concept behind the SPOT technology was that users would be able to connect their watch to a PC via a cable. The technology was designed to provide news, stock and weather updates via the wrist based wearable technology.

Apple, Samsung, LG, Google Smart Watches

The web is currently buzzing with news of Apple’s intended iWatch and it seems that wearable technology has the potential to be a bold and exciting new frontier for developers. In February Apple confirmed it’s plans to develop a smart watch. Seemingly the Cupertino based tech giant has over 100 developers working on the smartwatch project codenamed ‘iWatch’ complete with curved glass. Developers at companies including Samsung and LG have also discussed their plans to develop a smartwatch.

Smart Watch App Development

Are you a business or brand considering developing apps for the smartwatch or iWatch device? Wearable technology is expected to become a rapidly growing space as companies like Apple develop devices compatible with existing products like mobiles and tablets. If the iWatch, and smartwatches in general are to be successful, it requires a thriving app store ecosystem which presents opportunity for businesses, brands and developers. Have a think about the types of apps you would expect to be developed for a smartwatch, especially apps that can integrate with an existing mobile or tablet device.

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