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How To Hire A Mobile App Developer in London, Edinburgh or Glasgow

26th February 2013

It’s now 5 years since Apple launched the App Store. Apple has witnessed phenomenal growth and has seen more than 800,000 apps developed with a cumulative download figure of over 40 billion downloads. These staggering statistics should inspire all business owners to hop on the iPhone app developer bandwagon. We’ve spoken with our iPhone app developer friends in London, Glasgow and Edinburgh to bring you the hottest tips to help you find the right supplier.

iPhone app developers like us take your vision, combine it with our knowledge of iOS, and come up with an app that creates a compelling and interactive experience for your clients. We’ve worked with clients across Scotland and the UK to develop high performance apps that deliver on business goals and objectives.

Remote Management

Want to get in on the action? We consulted iPhone and iPad developers based in London, Glasgow and Edinburgh to find out how to ensure that your app development experience goes smoothly. We’ve examined what you should expect to spend and identified some of the things you should know before developing an app for iPhone. It is possible to manage an app development project remotely. So if you’re a business based in London, it is possible to recruit an iPhone app developer based anywhere in the UK or Scotland so you can keep regular contact without face to face meetings.

We’ve developed iPhone apps for clients from all over the UK. With a strong presence in Glasgow, Edinburgh and particularly London, we’re ideally positioned to deliver on your iPhone app development project, irrespective of your geographic location. What makes our iPhone app development service unique is our customer login portal. This enables any one of our iPhone app development customers, be they based in Glasgow, Edinburgh or London, to keep an eye on project progress via a real-time web portal. Location is no longer an issue for iPhone app development customers seeking to enter the rapidly expanding world of mobile commerce.

The iPhone app development process

We’re here to help demystify the iPhone app development process and understand your business goals. Over the next few days we’ll be exploring some of our previous iPhone app development projects and customers, both based in Glasgow and London, to help lead you through this often daunting process. Trust, communication and collaboration is key. If you’re seeking to develop an awesome app for iPhone, do it for the right reasons. Do it because it makes sense for your business. Do it because you’re working with an iPhone app developer you can trust, be they based in London, Glasgow or Edinburgh. Location is no longer the challenge.

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