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How To Budget For iPhone and Google Android App Development

27th February 2013

So you’re trying to budget for your app development project for iPhone, iPad or Google Android. You’re looking to find the right developer who can develop an app that delivers results for your business. But how do you know how much to spend? Many CEO’s can be startled by the true cost of mobile app development for iPhone and Android. In the modern business world, failure to recognise the importance of mobile could be a threat to your business. It’s important to understand why your mobile app development strategy is so important and be prepared to invest accordingly.


When developing an app for iPhone or Google Android it’s better to understand the costs in advance. You need to have a clear idea of the scope of your project and how long it’s likely to take to get your app for iPhone or Android into the marketplace.

Planning For Success In iPhone & Android App Development

Planning is essential for success when developing apps for iPhone and Google Android. Planning or pre-production is the process of working out how long a project will take and the resources required to launch. When developing apps for iPhone and Android, it’s always best to be thorough during pre-production and planning to avoid making costly mistakes throughout the project. Every project is prone to scope creep and the aim is to manage expectations and deliverables. Concise and clear planning will drastically help reduce the possibility of mistakes later in the app development project.

Designing For Success When Developing Mobile Apps

The design stage of any mobile app development project takes time and consideration. The development process can take weeks to create for a single device like iPhone, iPad or Android. If the app is technically complex to develop and rich in functionality, the design process is likely to take longer. We’ve covered the importance of effective UI/UX design in previous blogs. Think very carefully about your overall user interface design as this will directly impact the user experience and how your customers behave when engaging with your iPhone or Android app. If you’re developing apps for iPhone, google Android, Blackberry and Windows, it’s essential to understand the elements that make each device different. Factor these subtleties into your design plan.

How To Develop, Test & Launch Your Mobile App

Part 2 of this blog will focus on developing, testing and launching your mobile app for iPhone or Google Android. we’ll examine the practices that make for great mobile app development and really drill down into what it costs to develop an app, whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise. If you’re a UK based business looking to develop an app for iPhone or Google Android, contact Waracle today. Since 2007 we’ve worked with top brands like Virgin Atlantic, Sony Music and the NHS to develop awesome apps for iPhone and Android. We’ve worked with clients from London, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh and all over the UK to develop amazing apps that deliver new revenue streams and enhance brand recognition.

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