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How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Mobile App For iPhone or Google Android?

25th February 2013

Here at Waracle, we’re proud to be Scotland’s leading app developers. It’s been 5 years since the launch of the original iPhone and to celebrate, we want to clarify a burning issue. It’s something we get asked all the time – how much does it cost to develop an app? This week we are going to focus on the true cost of app development and explain how we identify the appropriate strategy for your business. If you’re starting a business this whole process can seem daunting. There are so many platforms to consider when developing your apps including iPhone, Android, iPad, Facebook and more recently smart TV. You must also consider mobile responsive web layout, but that’s a separate story.

Does My Business Need A Mobile App?

For the purpose of today’s blog, we’re going to focus on how much it costs to develop a mobile app for iOS or Android. Apps for smart TV and Facebook are of a different nature and tend to be more expensive. Over recent years, mobile middleware solutions have driven down the cost of mobile app development, providing features that reduce the time and complexity associated with app design and deployment. So in any app development project, in order to understand the cost of your requirements we examine 5 key areas. Planning, design, development, testing and deployment.

The Importance Of Planning In Mobile App Development

When developing an app, we cannot underestimate the importance of planning. In fact this applies to any software development project. Before you develop a single line of code for your app, you must first understand why it exists. We’re assuming if you found this blog, you’ve already come to the conclusion that your business requires an app. Once you’ve established the commercial purpose of the mobile app you want to develop, think hard about the UI (user interface) and the subsequent UX (user experience). All of this should be considered when gathering requirements and understanding how much an app for iPhone or Android actually costs to develop.

The True Cost Of Mobile App Development

In essence, developing a mobile app for iPhone or Google Android costs the same as buying a new car. It all depends whether you want to drive a Fiat or a Ferrari. Yes, some companies are offering to develop apps for hundreds of pounds. Clearly, with these app developers, you’re likely to get what you pay for – absolute crap. In order to be effective, you’ll need to spend somewhere between £5k and £50k (Excl VAT) depending on the complexity of your requirements. You should also be prepared to budget for an ongoing monthly support and maintenance fee, should we need to fix your app. Games tend to cost more, particularly for Facebook, as do smart tv apps.

Do I Develop A Mobile App For iPhone or Google Android?

It’s also very important to consider which platforms you choose to adopt. How much does it cost to develop for iPhone compared to Google Android? Does it cost more to develop for iPhone and Google Android? Essentially, you need to work out who your customers are and which mobile devices they are likely to be using. Traditionally, customers tend to develop a mobile app for iPhone and/or iPad and wait to see if it’s successful. In our experience, some customers trend to develop for Android after a successful app launch for iOS. It costs roughly the same to develop a mobile app for iPhone as it does for Google Android.

“An App or Website is much like a decent washing machine, you want to replace it every 3-5 years”

If you’re seeking to understand how much it costs to develop an app, it’s important to be aware that iPhone and Android are completely separate platforms. Technically speaking, they’re both developed in separate languages. As such, when you develop for iPhone you pay a fixed cost. To develop for Android, in theory, you are more or less going to double the cost of your project. It’s worth noting that there are some mobile middleware platforms now emerging that enable app developers to port to other platforms in a reduced time scale. Over time, this will drive down the cost of developing apps for multiple platforms.

If you’ve been asking the question “How much will it cost my business to develop an app?”, look no further than Waracle. We develop high performance apps for multiple platforms including iPhone, Google Android, iPad, Facebook, web and smart tv. Our job is to demystify these burning questions and help you understand how much it truly costs to develop an app for your business. If you’re looking to develop an app for your business, contact Waracle today for a free consultation.

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