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How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Mobile App For Google Android?

23rd April 2013

We’ve been developing apps since 2007 when the iPhone was first launch. Customers are always asking the same question, “How much is it going to cost to develop my app?”. We want to lift the lid on app development pricing, specifically for developing google android apps and explain how it differs from other platforms in terms of price. Developing an app is much like buying a car. You get what you pay for and high performance apps cost more to develop. It also depends where you live. If you’re based in London, Glasgow or one of the major cities, app developers tend to cost more.

Which Platform Should I Develop My App For?

If you’re a business or a brand looking to develop an app, or develop a suite of apps, we can help. Our goal is to help our customers build real businesses through development, marketing and ongoing support. The growth in mobile has been staggering and every modern business must understand it’s place. Selecting the right platform for your app development projects is also critical. We’ll help you to decide if a native app is the best fit for your business, or if an HTML5 driven solution is optimal for you.

Back in 2007, when the iPhone was originally launched, it caused a stampede amongst early adopter businesses and brands seeking to generate new revenue streams and engage customers via a new channel. As app developers, we were inundated with clients seeking to develop apps for iPhone. As time progressed, these customers would wait to evaluate the success of the iPhone app, before considering developing an app for Google Android. Nowadays, developing apps for iPhone and Android are both compelling propositions, with each offering it’s own advantages. If you’re looking to build natively, you should also consider platforms such as Windows Phone and Blackberry.

Which Technologies Should I Use To Develop My App: Native v’s HTML5?

So should you develop native apps or web apps? This again is a tricky one and comes down to your business goals and budget. If you’re looking for a flawless user experience with custom UI components, and you’re not sensitive about price, native app development is almost certainly the best option. However if you’re on a tight budget and deadline, using HTML5 enables you to develop your app from a single code base and deploy to multiple platforms. Whilst native app development for iPhone and Android requires developing completely separate code bases and effectively doubles your project timeline, there is nothing better in terms of the quality of UI and overall user experience. If you’re not concerned about time and money and demand the best, go native.

The True Cost Of App Development: iPhone v’s Google Android

So back to the original question, specifically “How much does it cost to develop an app for Google Android?”. Well the answer is simple. It’ll cost you the same as developing an app for iPhone, if not more. From our experience, customers tend to opt for iOS app development first. The reason being that iPhone is the original and established player in the market. In addition, customers are conditioned heavily to spend money in the app store, making it an important platform choice for app developers, businesses and brands. If the iOS app is successful, often clients will commission an Android equivalent to access a new platform and market opportunity. Sometimes, clients develop apps for iPhone, Android, iPad, Windows, Facebook and Blackberry and want them all to be developed and released at the same time.

Managing commercial and technical risk in app development is about choosing the right platform and the right technologies to use in the context of your business goals and objectives. So developing an app for iPhone can take weeks or months depending upon its complexity. Developing an app for Google Android will take the same amount of time, if not longer. Ask any developer who’s created apps for both iPhone and Google Android and they’ll tell you the same thing – the development environment for Android is harder to work in and thus takes longer to develop for.

The Cost Of Developing Apps For Google Android

So let’s get down to details. For all intents and purposes, we’re assuming that developing for one platform (iPhone) is the same cost as developing for another (Android). Although as we’ve discussed, if anything the Android one may cost slightly more. It also depends if you’re looking for a simple app or something with more complex, enterprise level functionality. We’ve broken down the app development process into three phases, design, development and testing, to give you an idea what each stage involves. For a simple app on one platform, £2k – £5k (Excl VAT) is a decent guide. For a complex enterprise app on multiple platforms it could cost upwards of £100k (Excl VAT).

So if you’re looking to build a business and app development is central to your plans, Waracle can help. We develop apps, but we also help our customers to build businesses. We work across multiple mobile platforms including iPhone, iPad, Android, Facebook, smart TV, web, Windows Phone and Blackberry. We develop apps natively, but we also utilise HTML5 when it’s the best thing for your business. We help you adopt the right technologies and the right platforms for your app development project. We can help design, develop and market your mobile app. We’ve worked with customers from all over the UK, with clients from London, Glasgow, Aberdeen and further afield. We work with small businesses to multinational brands so contact us today if you’re looking to develop an app.

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