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The future of mobile and the true cost of app development

11th November 2013

The true cost of mobile app development

Web properties such as Amazon and Ebay have become the stuff of legend. It was Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos who suggested “you need to take the stodgiest, slowest moving industry you can find. And build amazing software for it.” By efficiently matching supply and demand these firms have harnessed the openness and power of the web to develop killer marketplaces. But how is mobile changing things?

The cost of developing mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android

Mobile presents specific challenges for web based marketplaces and startups. The biggest issue being the fragmentation across two of the major mobile platforms: iOS and Android. In most instances, startups don’t have the time, money or expertise to develop distinct, native apps across both platforms. One approach is to create a web based solution that caters for mobile traffic via the browser. This option works from an accessibility perspective, but presents alternate challenges in the form of quality UX (user experience) and general reliability. Having the time and resource to develop native mobile experiences can lead to greater long-term returns, but may cost more in the first instance.

Is developing an app for mobile worth the cost?

Developing a mobile app for iPad, iPhone or Android is worth the cost if you get it right. Planning, design, development and testing are key – but understanding the market is critical. Increasingly your customers and stakeholders are accessing your services via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Developing a ‘mobile first’ strategy is a great way of inbound lead generation. As your customers shift from desktop to mobile, enable them to enquire or access your services through an iPhone, Android or tablet device. You can save money on developing expensive development work by data gathering via smartphone or tablet and taking your potential customers offline to complete the service transaction.

The future of mobile app development

The world of mobile is expanding rapidly and can be highly lucrative for your business if you get the fundamentals correct. In tough economic times, there are innovative startups harnessing the power of mobile to create new and compelling business models that cater for smartphone and tablet first. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, but you need to develop mobile apps that are consistent with what your customers are seeking to discover in terms of their own needs and requirements.

Hiring the right mobile app developer

Onboarding the right mobile app developer can seem like a tricky and daunting process. here at waracle we’re experts in the planning, design, development and QA testing of high performance mobile apps for customers across Scotland and the UK. We’ve generated millions of downloads, had three App Store #1’s and worked with some of the UK’s biggest businesses (Virgin, NHS, Jones Lang LaSalle and many more…) and brands to produce innovative and compelling mobile app development and marketing solutions that deliver real results. If you’re part of a company seeking to take those tentative initial steps into the world of mobile apps, contact Waracle today to begin the conversation.



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