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The explosive rise of mobile and what it means for CEO’s and Marketers

19th March 2014

Smartphone penetration in the UK is increasing at an exponential rate. But is your business geared up for the future? In March 2013, smartphone ownership in the UK reached 67% and continues to grow rapidly. This equates to nearly 35 million people in the UK owning a smartphone.

If you’re a CEO or marketing/brand manager the explosive rise of mobile presents a myriad of opportunities to reach your customers on the move. Studies show that UK smartphone owners between the ages of 18-24 have an especially high recall of mobile advertising. This means they can recall and actively engage with advertising content via mobile. If you’re an advertiser or marketer, you need to think carefully

If you’re a business with desktop software, you need to think about developing a mobile UI. However this can be especially tricky if your staff are skilled in desktop-only development expertise or your agency has no experience developing for mobile. The fact is, mobile is a different beast from desktop software development and requires a totally separate style of thinking and skills. Onboarding the right mobile expertise into your business can be challenging, especially if you need to develop mobile software in a hurry. It can take months between advertising, interviewing and recruiting the right expertise and this is before you’ve even written a single line of code (let alone a UI that you can actually touch and feel).

One thing to consider, is using an agency like Waracle to help get you started in mobile. We can work collaboratively with you to establish your business goals and requirements and adapt them into a winning mobile strategy and UI/UX. We can help to diffuse mobile-first software development knowledge and thinking into your development team, get you up and running into the market fast and gradually hand over to your team. Mobile is the hottest ticket in town and the time to act for your business is now. Contact us today if you’re interested in mobilising your brand or business.

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