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App Developers UK: Exploring The Top 25 Paid iPhone Apps Of All Time

6th May 2013

If you’re an app development company the from UK or beyond, take a moment to congratulate yourselves. Apple is fast approaching it’s 50 billionth download via the app store. Having launched the hallowed platform some 5 years ago, the company are preparing to celebrate the milestone. In order to commemorate the momentous 50 billionth download, Apple will be providing one lucky winner with a $10,000 voucher for the app store. Just imagine what you could do with $10,000 worth of app store goodies!

This represents an impressive landmark for Apple. As of March 2012 there had been 25 billion app store downloads. Since that time, the company has successfully doubled the number of apps that have been downloaded. In it’s first year of operation alone, the app store racked up an impressive 1.5 billion downloads.

So in addition to this grand milestone, Apple has released the top 25 paid apps of all time. It’s really not surprising to see some of the contenders, the ones you’d really expect to see. The list of the top 25 paid apps is dominated not surprisingly by games. Interestingly, games were less prominent within the top free apps. In the paid category, games occupied 19 of the 25 spots.

The Top 25 All-Time Paid iPhone Apps

1. Angry Birds
2. Fruit Ninja
3. Doodle Jump
4. Cut the Rope
5. Angry Birds Seasons
6. WhatsApp Messenger
7. Camera+
8. Words With Friends
9. Tiny Wings
10. Angry Birds Space
11. Pocket God
12. Plants vs. Zombies
13. The Game of Life Classic Edition
14. The Moron Test
15. Where’s My Water?
16. Draw Something
17. Monopoly
18. Angry Birds Star Wars
19. MotionX GPS Drive
20. Skee-Ball
21. Scrabble
22. UNO
23. Minecraft – Pocket Edition
24. Color Splash
25. The Sims 3

If you’re an iPhone owner, you can see how the list stacks up against your own. Do you agree with the apps that are in the top 25? Are they worthy winners? Are there apps that deserve to be in there but aren’t for whatever reason? We’d love to hear your suggestions and comments. So congratulations to the app and game developers who managed to make the list. Keep up the good work!

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