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What your business must know about mobile apps in 2014

9th January 2014

Happy Mobile New Year – it’s set to be a huge year for mobile apps, software and commerce in 2014.

We know it’s hard running a business. There’s already a lot to consider, especially when you think how much mobile is disrupting marketing, software and sales. Here’s what your business must know about mobile apps in 2014:

Waracle is the longest standing mobile development, mobile web and mobile marketing agency in Scotland.  We’re 100% committed, focused and ‘tooled up’ to do ‘mobile first’ as opposed to software developers and marketers ‘anchored’ in desktop.

We’ve developed mobile apps for some of the UK’s biggest brands. We’ve worked with the likes of Imperial College London, the NHS and O2.  While its great to have clients like this, sadly it means we spend the bulk of our time helping English/London based businesses.

We’re working in mobile (app, web and marketing) with some of Scotland’s best including the Scottish Football Association, Zero Waste Scotland and Highland Park. But we’d like to help more businesses make the leap in ‘Gods Country’.

If you’d like to discuss a strategy for augmenting desktop software and commerce, and picking up with mobile in 2014, please contact us via the contact button in the top right of the screen.

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