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Budgeting iPhone and Android App Development week summary

1st March 2013

This week we focused on iPhone and Android App Development, covering specifics in how much it costs to develop an App, an App’s lifecycle and how to go about hiring an App Developer. So here is a brief recap on what we discussed. We hope you find the information useful and can take it away to help you plan your future App Development project.


iPhone and Android App Development Process

On Monday we discussed the early decisions that need to be made before projects go into the Development stage in order to understand the cost by examining 5 key areas; Planning, design, development, testing and deployment. We covered the importance of planning and understanding the business objectives as well as the user objectives. We touched on how to decide which platform to develop for and the overall costs associated with each.

Finding an App Developer

Tuesday’s blog gave us the chance to talk about the success and reach of app stores like Apple’s App Store, how to hire an App Developer and how location is no longer an issue for iPhone app development for customers seeking to enter the rapidly expanding world of mobile commerce.

Planning and Design

Wednesday we began a 2 part blog about budgeting for iPhone and Android App Development. We looked at the importance of planning and understanding the costs associated with app development. We also covered the design process to develop a great interface experience for a slick mobile app user experience.

App Development Costs, Testing and Deployment

Thursday we concluded our 2 parter, drilling down into the specifics of what it costs to develop an app, whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise. We also covered the testing portion of the app development process to ensure a smooth deployment as well as the final deployment of your app in the app stores.

So there you have it, an in depth look at budegting you app development project. If you’re a UK based business looking to develop an app for iPhone or Google Android, contact Waracle today. Since 2007 we’ve worked with top brands like Virgin Atlantic, Sony Music and the NHS to develop awesome apps for iPhone and Android. We’ve worked with clients from London, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh and all over the UK to develop amazing apps that deliver new revenue streams and enhance brand recognition.

Are you looking to develop an app? Have you thought about how to budget for your app development project? Have you had experience already in budgeting for app development projects? If so, share your experiences with us via the comments section.

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