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Why The Apple Watch Will Change Marketing Forever

14th July 2014

By 2018 the market for wearable tech will be worth more than $19 billion. Wearable technology is absolutely redefining the way we interact with the world, how we connect to each other and how we share our lives. Innovative businesses in the UK are now planning how they’ll exploit the wearable technology revolution. Is your business ready? Today we’re exploring 3 reasons why the Apple Watch will change marketing forever and what you can do about it.

1.) Voice Activated Search Will Redefine SEO

The Apple Watch will feature Siri voice controls that let users dictate messages, rather than touching and typing search commands. This is a game changer for marketers and SEO experts. You’ll need to understand how voice activated search behaviour affects your existing optimisation plans and act accordingly. Think about how you’ll produce content that answers the customers spoken word query. Think less about keyword stuffing and create content that accurately provides what the customer is intent on searching for.

2.) Smart Sensors Will Unlock Incredible Opportunities For Marketers

If your business involves software (who’s doesn’t these days?), consider your offering in a new and unconventional way. Smart sensors will dramatically reduce manual interaction with software and provide incredible challenges and opportunities for innovative marketers. In the future, we’ll talk about ‘smart cities’ with vending machines that intelligently understand when they’re running low and garage doors that open automatically. Remote sensors not only help marketers detect and solve software problems in our increasingly complex world, they generate data that, when connected with smartphones and tablets, equip us with greater powers of decision making and anticipate challenges before they arise.

3.) The Apple Watch Will Revolutionise Data Collection

Your future customers will use a vast array of devices to search for your products and services. You should develop a wearable strategy that encompasses how customers will contextually discover you, with particular focus on device type, location and time of day. The opportunities for marketers in terms of data collection will be vast. You’ll be able to build a rich visualisation of consumer buying traits and better understand how, when and why they consume your product or service. Think about how you can adequately serve content in the right locations, at the right time and to the relevant type of device.

Apple Delays Watch Production Until November

Recent claims suggest the hotly anticipated Apple Watch will not go into mass production until November. The delay is perceived to be a result of Apple seeking to ensure the Apple Watch is flawlessly tested upon release. The Apple Watch will be heavily geared towards health, fitness and maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. It’s rumoured to come equipped with a sapphire screen that is ‘unbreakable’.

If you’re a business owner or marketer seeking to enter the rapidly expanding and highly lucrative world of mobile and wearable technology, contact Waracle today to begin your journey.


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