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Apple developing curved screen iPhone’s for 2014

12th November 2013

Apple is rumoured to be developing two curved screen iPhone’s for launch in late 2014. The two models would come in 4.7 and 5.5 inch versions, effectively introducing two models at the same time. This year Apple created a precedent for launching two models at the same time when it revealed the iPhone 5S and 5C. Apple is also seeking to integrate superior touch screen sensors that introduce fine pressure sensitivity.

Whilst a curved screen is not to everyones taste and purely aesthetic, the touch screen rumours are interesting. For one, this would massively improve  the quality of handwriting and drawing apps available via the iPhone. This would be big news for professional artists and could represent a lucrative new market for Apple. This would also benefit regular iPhone users in terms of the overall UX (user experience) for just taking notes, drawing doodles and using paint apps to touch up family photos.

It’s impossible to say if there’s any truth to these rumours, but according to Bloomberg there’s some substance to the claims. The key for Apple will be enabling a seamless experience between all devices, bridging the current gap between iOS and OSX. If any company can truly create a singular, unified experience across desktop and mobile, it’s Apple.

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