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App & Web Development Design: Top 5 things to consider

1st February 2013

In App & Web Development Design there are many things to consider when starting the design phase of your app & wep development project. We’ve listed what we consider to be the essential design elements and considerations in 2013.

Mobile first:

With an increasing amount of traffic coming from smartphones, it’s no wonder that planning for mobile is an important part of web development design. In the coming years, traffic from smartphones will outweigh web traffic so designing for mobile first must become a priority. The new Waracle site has been designed from the ground up to be completely responsive; adapting to any size screen.

Minimalist Design:

The main principle of minimalist design is to distill specific design elements through thoughtful reduction. This essentially means stripping design components back to the bare necessities by eliminating overworked animation, large imagery and redundant content. Minimalist sites load faster and give a clean impression to visitors. As you can see from the redesigned Waracle home page, there is a big focus on minimalism with short paragraphs, less imagery and no distractions from our message. Less is more in 2013!


The key to minimalist design however would have to be the use of whitespace (also known as negative space) on a page; the empty space between text, images and sections of a website. Increasing the amount of whitespace makes pages more legible and flow more easily providing a focus on the relevant messages you’re trying to get across. By using large amounts of whitespace, the message that visitors will receive is that the content is far more important than any unnecessary distractions. A good example of this has always been the Google homepage. Google organises and presents the world’s information, but the front-end user interface is incredibly simplistic and uses white space to provide focus and clarity for search visitors.


This year typography is going to be a popular topic as a by product of both the minimalist and mobile movements. Typography does not just mean font selection but encompases sizing, spacing, colouring and positioning. Great typography will allow visitors to navigate content easier and allow you to communicate and explain your message more effectively. Being creative with typography will allow sites to increase load times and provide a more pleasing experience to users; which brings us to our final point:

User Centric:

Tying all our points together would have to be designing for the user first. Keeping everything simple and being obvious and self-explanatory. By knowing that users will be viewing the site from multiple devices and providing a better User Experience overall will increase return rates and time spent on your site.

Getting the design phase right is important, but it’s just one component of a much wider scope of work. When developing mobile apps, you need to think about conceptualisation, ideation, design, development, testing, deployment, marketing and continuous optimisation. So it’s essential you give your mobile app design careful consideration whilst looking at the bigger picture. Here at Waracle, we design and develop mobile apps and responsive sites for some of the world’s biggest brands. If you’re interested in developing an app or responsive website, contact Waracle today for more details.

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