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App Development Case Study: G1 Glasgow – Student Recommended

5th February 2013

Today we’re looking at a case study of an app developed by Waracle for the Glasgow based company G1. Waracle were initially approached by the hugely successful Glasgow based company to develop an iPhone and Google Android app designed to engage students and provide deals for local pubs, clubs and restaurants. Waracle developed the app ‘Student Recommended’ and the app has been a smash hit from Glasgow and throughout the rest of Scotland.

We spoke with the app developer behind the Student Recommended project, Waracle’s very own Ryan Cowan. Ryan is an app developer from Glasgow who has been with Waracle for nearly 2 years and had previously worked on projects porting existing games from iOS to Google Android. Having experience with both platforms meant Ryan was ideally positioned to develop the app for the Glasgow based company.

The Glasgow based company who commissioned the app to be developed are one of the largest independent leisure operators in Scotland. By developing the app, Glasgow based G1 were able to establish a new market and create a strong mobile presence for the brand. Waracle were chosen as the official app developers for the Glasgow company based upon the company’s depth and breadth of track record. Having worked on over 50+ mobile app development projects since 2007, Waracle are ideally positioned as app developers for innovative businesses based in Glasgow.

Large parts of the Student Recommended app are dynamic, in other words, the data is stored in a secure cloud backend service and deployed to the app in real-time. As such, Waracle were able to utilise it’s proprietary backend as a service (BaaS) platform ‘Kumulos’ to host and manage the data securely. This made Ryan’s life infinitely easier when developing and deploying the app. Waracle has vast experience in developing cloud backend functionality for mobile app projects and as such the company’s Kumulos technology supports over 2000 mobile app development firms globally and serves over 1 billion API requests every month.

The strategy for the app was to innovate in the market place. The Student Recommended app was launched to generate early traction in the market, with new features being added over time based on user feedback and data. Ryan added “this approach made developing the app easier, as we could focus on the user data to make the right development choices. Without the data you’re relying on subjective feedback to make crucial decisions which simply does not work from a business perspective”. As an app developer working with Glasgow based customers, our aim is to enhance brand recognition and generate new revenue sources.

Waracle app developers Glasgow has worked with innovative businesses from all over the UK to produce high performance apps for iPhone, Android, iPad, Smart TV, Web and Facebook. If you’re a Glasgow based company seeking app development services for iPhone or Google Android please contact Waracle today for a free quote or proposal.

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