Would You Drive An Apple Car?

9th May 2013

Today’s cars are fitted as standard with the latest technology. Features like crash prevention breaking and intuitive heads-up displays are considered the norm. However, a recent study conducted by suggests that many of you would feel more comfortable driving a car developed by Apple or Google. As UK based app developers, we’re always interested to hear what Apple and Google are planning. As the battle for supremacy in innovation continues, we ask the question – how would you feel about driving a car developed by Apple or Google?

The study involved 1000 respondents in the UK to establish their feelings on which global brand would be best positioned to improve car safety. Perhaps surprisingly, Apple came out top of the poll with a convincing 21% share of the vote. The Google team were close behind with 19.8% share. Interestingly, both of these brands pipped Volve, a brand heralded for their attention to safety features, who achieved a 19.7% share. The results are interesting given that Google and Volvo both have existing interests in self-driving car technology – the future of transportation. To date, Apple has made no formal announcements surrounding the development of self-driving car technology.

Apple has been focused on developing the functionality within the Siri app and it’s integrated driver assisted features. This is designed to improve overall driver safety, but lags behind the progress made by both Google and Volvo. According to insiders at Apple, it’s no secret that the late Steve Jobs had aspirations to disrupt the global automotive industry. To the extent that high profile members of the Apple board have discussed the fact that the idea of an Apple self-driving car has been mooted. It’s perhaps the perception of Apple’s ability to create high quality products that have persuaded consumers they’re capable of improving car safety.

In the future, consumers will expect cars to be more intelligent. It’s not uncommon for people to ‘mod’ their own vehicles with tablet devices. It’s just a matter of time before car manufacturers start integrating the latest technology, as consumer tastes become more sophisticated and the technology becomes more ubiquitous. In essence, this paves the way for tech giants such as Apple and Google to capitalise upon the perception that they are capable of innovating and disrupting the automotive industry, with a particular focus on road safety. It’s interesting that consumers see Apple and Google as the companies most likely to provide the required technology and user experience in the context of road safety.

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