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App Developers UK: Developing Mobile Apps For Blackberry 10

28th May 2013

If you’re a business or brand seeking to enter the rapidly growing and lucrative world of mobile, choosing a platform to adopt can seem confusing. Developing apps for iPhone and Android seems like the obvious strategy to adopt for mobile, but what about the other platforms? We’ve already discovered that Apple and Google have the vast majority of the market when it comes to consumer smartphones. But developing mobile apps for enterprise is a different beast and platforms like Blackberry 10 and Windows Phone can be ideal platforms. These mobile apps can be developed for internal business processes and for staff and symbolise the dawn of a new era for businesses and brands alike.

Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10

Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10 can both provide small to medium sized businesses with intuitive tools to enhance communication and productivity. In addition, developing apps for Blackberry 10 and Windows Phone enables your business to integrate existing software frameworks and tools. Microsoft certainly know a thing or two about software for enterprise and their mobile offering, as well as Blackberry 10, provides some compelling benefits for aspiring, mobile-focused businesses. Being able to develop mobile app technology that fits with your existing IT system is essential.

Windows Phone App Development

When developing for Windows Phone 8, line-of-business apps are under your control. You can actually develop, package, sign, distribute, and maintain your mobile apps end-to-end. What this effectively means is that Windows Phone 8 allows business owners to bypass the Windows Phone Store and distribute apps directly to employees. This is a massive selling point for Microsoft. BlackBerry also has similar characteristics with the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). The BES provides advanced and sophisticated capabilities for app management and development. This basically allows businesses to easily develop, integrate, deploy, secure and manage business apps to enhance productivity and communication internally.

BlackBerry App Development

With Blackberry 10 for instance, you can actually use a variety of languages and technologies to create a suite of productivity or communication apps for your business. It’s easy to port from popular consumer platforms like Android and building from scratch is easy too. Here at Waracle we see Blackberry 10 and Windows Phone as providing perfect mobile development tools for small to medium sized businesses seeking to enhance communication and productivity. If you’re a business or brand seeking to create an app, or suite of apps for mobile, contact a member of our team today via the form.

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