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4th June 2013

If you’re a business or brand seeking to develop an app, or a suite of mobile apps, it’s important to understand the facts with Android, iOS and the other platforms at your disposal. In the United States, Google Android is now the most popular mobile operating system. Despite Android’s sizable share of the audience, Apple possess the premium segment of the market. Customers using Apple devices tend to spend more money on apps and IAP’s (in-app-purchases). The Apple App Store ecosystem is designed with revenue generation and monetisation in mind. So Google Android owns the bigger chunk, but Apple’s slice of the cake is more valuable. Developing apps for enterprise can be a confusing process and it’s important to cover all of the bases.

“71% of smartphone owners research products on their mobile device. 32% of these do so on a weekly basis.”

Before you embark on an app development project, there are probably a few key factors you should consider. Know your business and understand your target audience. Are your target customers using iPhone or Android? This will help inform your platform choices as covering multiple mobile platforms can be complex and costly. As app developers, there are different approaches we can take depending upon your requirements. Using HTML5 it is possible to develop one app from a single code base and port to multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and many more. Developing apps natively can often deliver increased performance and a superior user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).

“In 2012 mobile was responsible for $158 billion of retail sales.”

So you’ve seen the mobile market data and you’re convinced mobile is the way forward for your company. You’re probably wondering how much it costs to develop an app. Budget availability is an essential consideration in any app development project and will largely determine the best approach to take. The best way to think about the cost of app development is to consider the cost of buying a new car. The performance and style of the app you develop will largely be determined by your budget. When developing apps you get what you pay for. Mobile is not a ‘nice to have’ anymore, it’s something that should be an essential component for businesses looking to the future.

“There are now more than 1 billion smartphones in use worldwide.”

Based in sunny Scotland, here at Waracle we’ve been developing high performance mobile apps since 2008 across multiple platforms, with some of the world’s biggest brands. We develop apps for iPhone, Android, iPad, Blackberry, Windows, Facebook, smart tv and web. We’ve worked across Scotland, the UK and globally to deliver innovative and engaging apps for some amazing brands including the Imperial College London, Virgin Atlantic and the NHS. If your business or brand is ready to join the mobile app development revolution, contact Waracle today.


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