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5 ways mobile is transforming your business

16th June 2015

According to the latest Mary Meeker Internet Trends 2015 report, overall Internet usage and smartphone subscription growth has continued to slow, but Internet engagement continues to grow driven by the fact that consumers are spending more time connected to their mobile devices. Today we’re exploring how mobile can be used to transform your business:

1.) Mobile enhances business performance

Whilst many businesses have been slow to join the mobile revolution, using a combination of mobile apps, sensors and devices, you can actually enable real-time data analysis. With the right combination of mobile technologies, you can generate accurate and immediate data on business performance that can be viewed by any member of your company, on any device, at any time and from any location in the world. What’s even more exciting, is that vital KPI’s can be tailored by department according to varying requirements and mode of operation.

2.) Mobile enables you to react fast

This type of ‘mobile first’ innovation and thinking is probably completely at odds with the way in which your business currently operates. But the time to start acting is now. Vital trends and results can often take weeks or even months to become available. This makes it very difficult to react in a timely fashion and address change if certain unknown factors are causing a dip in performance. Mobile enables you to react quickly and the faster you can act the better. In many cases, reports are presented as homogeneous lumps of data designed to address all of your company’s stakeholders. The more people involved, the longer it takes to execute the appropriate course of action. Immediate availability of data through mobile apps, devices and sensors enables faster response times and better decision making which results in optimal performance.

3.) Mobile unleashes innovation

Mobile is an increasingly astonishing source of innovation. Education, government and particularly healthcare are undergoing rapid transformation through the introduction and use of mobile technology. Mobile apps represent an entirely new way of operating for a vast number of business activities and processes. Introducing a mobile app (or suite of mobile apps ) into your business signals to your investors, management, team, suppliers and most importantly, your customers, that you’re an innovative company gearing up for the future.

Embracing mobile requires a step change in every area of your business. It forces marketing, sales, IT and software development to challenge all aspects of conventional business thinking. You’ll need to consider how to redesign contact forms, reporting systems and other processes in order to provide a mobile friendly experience. Exploring new ways of thinking and operating using mobile technology provides genuine impetus for business transformation.

4.) Mobile delivers change

The introduction of mobile apps and rapid innovation has led to the development of fresh approaches when it comes to enabling change within your business. We’ve spent some time covering the ‘agility of mobile’ and explored ‘3 reasons why agile is great for mobile’ and here at Waracle we’re big believers in taking an agile approach to software development.

The Lean Startup helped to formalise this approach to software development. It involves creating a simplistic yet useful product (also referred to as an MVP), testing it thoroughly with users in a live environment (this entails launching a workable solution quickly) and refining it constantly over time based on real world feedback. In the past this type of real-time data gathering in order to inform decision making would’ve taken months. With the power of mobile technology data can be gathered instantaneously and used to make effective decisions in a vastly reduced time frame.

This MVP led approach is being adopted by start-up companies, large corporations and even the US government. Not only does mobile technology provide the impetus for change, it actually provides a framework in which to deliver challenging IT projects that can potentially transform your business.

5.) Mobile fits with your culture

One of the biggest problems for IT departments is rolling out new internal products fast enough to satisfy demand. Major software initiatives often fail for one very simple reasons – your staff struggle to adopt them. Placing mobile at the heart of your business helps to solve this problem because your staff love mobile. Large companies spend huge amounts of money attempting to introduce new systems and equipment that are often destined to fail. Sometimes this is due to a lack of training, uncertainty or simply resistance to change. The fact is, mobile technology is already embedded in your culture because your staff are using these devices and apps everyday. As a result, developing a company wide mobility initiative helps to dramatically reduce the problem of partial and slow acceptance when rolling out new mobile enabled systems and processes.

Using an agile approach, mobile prototypes can be used by staff within a short time scale. Mobile technology delivery takes hours and days rather than weeks, months and years. An MVP can be tested by your workforce and adapted on an iterative basis based upon real world testing and a continuous feedback loop. The usage of your company’s apps can be measured with extreme, laser-like focus and precision. Analytics software can be used to examine every interaction with an app and determine the features that are absolutely essential to staff adoption.

If you’re seeking to transform your business through mobile, contact Waracle today to start the conversation.

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