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5 Things You Need To Know About iOS 7

19th September 2013

Yesterday iOS 7 was released for current iPhone users and we’ve got the lowdown what you need to know. First, which is possibly the best news of all, but then that’s with anything, not just iOS, is that it’s free! You don’t need to pay a penny to get it but you may find you need to wait a while in a download queue if you try to access it as soon as it goes live, along with a few million others desperately doing the same.

Updating to iOS 7

Which brings us to the second tip; not downloading it right now could be a smart move.
As well as saving yourself time waiting in a download queue, you could prevent issues with security, compatibility with apps and features not working. As with almost every app or system it’s going to have a couple problems when it first takes of the ground and waiting for just a little while will give Apple time to sort out all the little kinks, ready for you to use and enjoy.

New features to iOS 7

Thirdly, while some of the headline-grabbing features of iOS 7 will only be available on the new iPhones, like the fingerprint ID function, there are many hidden tweaks and new features for older devices; such as a torch — something Apple missed out on before, users having to download third party apps — and an all new control centre – just swipe upwards on any screen and a new pane will appear allowing you to control Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, switch on Airplane mode, adjust the brightness of the screen and play or skip music.

Focus on gestures

While on the matter of swiping, there seems to be a lot of that involved. Swipe to get to your control panel, swipe to close apps, swipe on the home screen to open a search box and the keyboard, allowing you to search without having to swipe to a dedicated screen as in previous versions of the software and swipe to close Safari tabs.


And last but not least Call/SMS/Facetime Blocking; yes! With iOS 7, it’s finally a pretty straightforward process to block people from calling, messaging, or FaceTime-ing you. You can find the block list at Settings > Phone > Blocked, Settings > Messages > Blocked, or Settings > Facetime > Blocked. Note, however, that the block list is universal — block them in the phone settings, and they’re blocked on FaceTime, too.

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