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3 reasons why build, operate, transfer (BOT) is awesome for mobile

13th July 2015

If your business is anchored in desktop/web based software, it might be time to consider a build, operate, transfer (BOT) mobile development model. Thinking about how you pool together mobile capability is a huge challenge for modern businesses. It’s essential you have a development relationship that provides predictability and a long-term ROI whilst fulfilling immediate mobile technology requirements. BOT enables you to act quickly, maintain control and provides protection for your IP.

There are other options available but many come with pitfalls and constraints you might want to avoid. One option is to retrain your existing team of developers. Another option is to think about hiring a dedicated mobile development team from scratch. But amidst rapidly changing market conditions, many companies are now being forced to rethink the way in which they develop mobile apps. Build, operate, transfer works because it helps you to manage commercial/technical risk and retain control whilst acting quickly and getting ahead of your competitors.

Whilst each of these approaches does have it’s limitations and advantages, businesses who are planning a 3 to 5 year mobile strategy can massively benefit from a BOT relationship.

Here are three reasons why BOT represents a great option:

1. BOT offers short-term cost efficiencies

Trying to quickly retrain your existing team of web developers in the art and science of mobile is tough. It’s also expensive and risky. Mobile development requires unconventional skills and thinking that are hard to obtain easily. Spinning up a team can be time consuming and costly, especially if there’s an urgent requirement to get your app into the market. It requires your development team to learn complex new programming languages in a short timescale which is a serious undertaking for any company.

If you’re developing for iOS and Android the right expertise is in seriously short supply and many companies are prepared to pay a premium for the right mobile capability.

Mobile is about constant data driven development. You do something based on the data. You analyse the output of your test. You react accordingly and keep going until you’re able to fulfil your underlying business goals and objectives. This involves a completely new way of thinking and requires time and careful consideration. If you’re looking for a quick mobile fix, it might be time to think about another option.

Mobile app development capability is in high demand and short supply (especially for iOS). Finding one good mobile developer is tough. Finding an entire team, with experience across multiple platforms is even tougher.

This is really about short-term cost efficiencies that enable the mobile vendor to absorb the risks associated with large and complex mobile app development projects.

2. BOT gives you agility and control

The world of mobile technology moves at lightning quick pace. By the time you’ve thought of something, someone else has already launched it to the app store. This can be extremely frustrating. But with the right expertise and mobile capability within your team, you can start turning ideas and concepts into reality faster than you can create a functional specification document.

If you don’t already have a mobile offering, chances are your competitors will. The time to get your app live and in front of your customers is now and BOT helps you achieve this whilst tapering vital mobile thinking into your existing team over time.

3. BOT diffuses mobile capability into your company

Tapering mobile expertise into your business can be extremely challenging and time consuming. There’s so much to think about in a very short space of time. Build, operate, transfer (BOT) works because it enables you to get a mobile product into the market quickly, whilst diffusing valuable mobile expertise into your team. This guarantees service performance from day one.

“BOT offers effective ability for knowledge transfer and capturing IP for future use”

We refer to this process as ‘positive contamination’ because it offers a commercially and technically risk-managed approach to developing your first suite of mobile applications and diffusing the right thinking and skills into your team.

BOT gets your mobile app up and running fast and helps your team retain vital and valuable mobile thinking within your organisation. If you’re interested in a mobile BOT model, contact Waracle today to start the conversation.

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