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Wearable Technology Development and The Internet of Things (IoT)

22nd April 2014

 By the year 2018, the market for wearable technology is set to be worth an estimated $60 billion. And that’s a conservative estimate. What’s equally impressive is the fact that by 2020 we will be living in a world of 50 billion web connected devices. Wearable technology is redefining our relationship with the world around us. Think Google Glass, Nike Toolband and the recently launched Oral B Smartseries toothbrush (includes wireless connectivity for brushing tips!). Wearable technology development will reinvent the way we connect with each other, how we communicate and share our activities across any distance and timezone. But here’s the thing. Innovative business owners are already considering the ramifications wearable technology will have on their companies. Are you one of them?

If not, here’s what you need to do:

If you’re a CEO…

You’ll need to consider your software offering in a new and unconventional way. Smart sensors and beacons are already starting to reduce manual interaction with payment gateways and retail checkouts. This will redefine how you connect with your customers and requires innovative thinking and action. Your software should be developed mobile-first and optimising for wearable will become a priority in the very near future. You can get kick-started in mobile and wearable tech by speaking to a reputable agency.

If you’re a Marketing Manager…

Wearable technology adds another component to your overall mix and you need to be prepared. You’ll need to think about your messaging tactics in new ways. You’ll need to consider the context of your customers behaviour. Where are they? Which devices are they using? Are they more susceptible to buy from you at specific times of day? Or specific months of the year? You’ll need to consider how you can use these factors to your advantage. Developing a call-to-action via wearable technology devices will become increasingly tricky when compared to mobile, given the tiny UI available. Think how wearable fits into your existing mix and establish how you can take advantage of it’s unique capabilities to generate more leads for your company. There will be seismic opportunities for marketers in terms of data collection and analysis via wearable tech.

If you’re a Software Development Manager…

Desktop software development will become increasingly marginalised and overtaken by mobile and wearable technology. Developing software for mobile and wearable tech is dramatically different when compared to traditional desktop design and development. Mobile is radically different and requires a totally separate style of thinking and expertise. If you’re already tooled up to develop apps for mobile, then you’ll be well positioned when the wearable explosion occurs. If not, you need to start planning to develop software for wearable immediately and get to speed with mobile too. You can consider hiring new mobile developers off-the-shelf. But be warned, talented and experienced mobile developers (especially iOS) are like hens teeth. And retraining desktop web designers is very challenging given the opposing nature of the skill-sets for each. Hiring an agency can represent a good option. Enabling you to get something into the market quickly, whilst tapering mobile-first thinking, knowledge and expertise into your company over time.

If you’re a CEO, Marketing Manager or Software Development Manager seeking to take those difficult first steps into the world of mobile and wearable technology development, contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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