The truth about mobile and what it means for IT managers

24th March 2014

The ongoing proliferation of mobile technology is considered to be the greatest megatrend of all time. With the forthcoming advent of wearable technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) this trend is set to continue at an alarming rate.  It took radio 38 years to reach 50 million people. It’s now possible for apps like Vine and Snapchat to achieve the same reach in a matter of hours and days. It’s really hard to understate the fundamental importance of mobile technology in today’s business world. But if you’re running an IT department what does this actually mean for your job?

Gone are the glory days when an IT manager had control over which devices and apps are used on the company network. The fact is, the troops are calling the shots now and using a vast array of different devices, both at home and in the office to consume content and perform work related tasks. The IT manager’s responsibility is to adapt to these rapidly changing external market forces (i.e. device shipments of mobile tech).

It’s no longer acceptable to impose your will upon employees by restricting which devices and apps can be used. If you stick to the old way of doing things, you’ll soon discover that the net effect of your actions actually decrease employee autonomy and overall productivity. EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) is about understanding your workers and enabling them to use the devices and apps they choose in order to create a more unified and productive organization.

It used to be that employees would use a restricted number of devices and software programs (we call them apps nowadays!) whilst in the office during designated working hours. Now it’s essential that workers can securely access the company network from within the office and at home. IT managers are rapidly moving their data into the cloud, to enable staff members to safely access their work documents from anywhere, via any device.

But if you’re an IT manager looking for quick solutions – what can you actually do about it? Well there are a bunch of third party vendors who will provide MAM (mobile app management) and MDM (mobile device management) to get you started. Alternatively if you’re seeking specialist consultation on how to maximize the productivity of your workforce through EMM, contact Waracle today to kick-start the conversation.

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