Apple Homekit Could Change Your Office Forever

23rd June 2014


Waracle’s very own Ian Treleaven recently returned from WWDC 2014, Apple’s flagship annual conference in San Francisco. Whilst we didn’t get an iWatch, a new Apple TV or an iPhone 6, we did get ‘Homekit’. With the announcement of Apple Homekit, the future is well and truly upon us. Right now, today, your home is smart, but there is no centralised way to control all of your devices. Apple is set to change that forever. Everyone is talking about the impact Homekit will have on our homes, but today we’re looking at what Homekit might mean for businesses and life around the office.

What is Homekit?

Homekit is a set of tools that enables you to control devices in your home or office such as air conditioning, lighting, entertainment systems, cameras, garage doors and security, to name but a few. Apple will provide a centralised platform to connect with each device and enable you to control each appliance via your iOS smartphone or tablet. Everyone is talking about what this means for the home – but what does this mean for businesses and your office?

Homekit in the office

Last year Apple published a patent last year that covers a ‘home relay server’ that can communicate with existing smartphones and tablets in order to establish your physical location. This means that as you approach the office car park, using iBeacon, the home relay server will be getting geared up to welcome you into work. As you drive round the corner and into the office, the garage door will open automatically and the coffee machine will fire up. As you step away from your car, and through the front door of the office, a separate iBeacon will trigger your PC/Mac to fire up with all your KPI dashboards and reporting for the day. Stressed about your important client meeting first thing? No worries, Homekit will adjust the lighting in the boardroom, flip the blinds and fire up your teleconferencing software 10 minutes before you even enter the room.

Although Apple is focused on revolutionising the residential home, in time, these technologies will have far reaching impact for businesses in terms of saving time and money and increasing productivity and efficiency.

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