On the verge of further fintech expansion

14th August 2017

We’re on the verge of announcing a new client-based acquisition in the Edinburgh-based financial services sector.  This will result in sizeable fintech expansion of Waracle Mobile App Developers in Scotland.

Business Development Director, David Romilly revealed this exciting news during an interview with Courier Business over the weekend. We’ll be announcing more about our further expansion into fintech in the near future.

David Romilly says, “A key to the ongoing success of Waracle, which has offices in Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow and has done remote work in Switzerland, London and New York, is to have one foot in the future. We’ve been going about eight years. We started in mobiles. For the first few years we predominately did one off projects. In the last couple of years we’ve focussed on expanding. I think the big difference now is we are being trusted with programs of work rather than individual pieces of work. Those programs will cover mobile development, they will cover IOT and they will cover voice recognition.”

When David Low, principal evangelist from Amazon, visited Waracle to talk about why Amazon believes voice recognition technology like Alexa is the future of user experience, the fact that over 50 people came along from digital industries all over Scotland indicated the importance of this growing sector.

As a growing sector though, Courier Business asked our thoughts on the scare stories around automation and artificial intelligence (AI) leading to loss of jobs, especially in fintech.

People have a fear of Terminator in their head where we’re going to have robots taking over the world! David Romilly says, “I think we are a long way from that. What strikes me is children using voice command technology today is natural. It’s so instinctive. This is the new way that the next generation will engage with services, like fintech, and go about their daily lives. Voice recognition, weaved into peoples’ lives, has great potential to lever people away from being tied to technology with their heads down. What better way than Waracle pre-empting this and becoming experts.”

You can read more about our expansion in the interview with Courier Business.

About Waracle Mobile App Developers

As one of the UK’s leading mobile app development, IoT and digital consulting companies, Waracle, now part of Exception, was spun out of Abertay University around eight years ago when David’s brother Michael Romilly and Mike Warton had aspirations to create a gambling and gaming mobile app.

Today, the Scottish firm works with many of the largest companies across the UK and Europe on a regular basis and across a range of industries including fintech, digital health, government, energy, technology and luxury brands.

Waracle is regularly cited as an industry leading mobile app and IoT development company from independent research companies including Clutch, AppIndex and Carnival.   Waracle are also an IBM Watson IoT Partner.

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