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Serverless Architecture

5th May 2020

At Waracle, we are passionate about the potential business benefits of Serverless architecture.

Any infrastructure change that can deliver genuine agility, scalability and cost benefit needs to be taken seriously by any organisation in 2020 and that’s why we have partnered with Amazon to discuss the innovations, the use-cases and the governance.

Having worked extensively with Amazon Web Services, we enlisted the help of Ricardo Sueiras (one of AWS’ principal industry advocates) to add some colour to our justification for Serverless architecture.

The Problem

The end-point user of any technology doesn’t care how something is built, they just want it to work. With always-on digital business services an expectation in 2020, some businesses can struggle to meet the demands placed on their digital solutions.

Knowing how to provision for DevOps infrastructure and capability can mean systems are either under-used or cost-heavy, depending on a range of factors that are very difficult to predict:

“A long time ago… I built infrastructure that allowed customers to securely host applications… Many of my customers had hundreds of servers that were running small applications. I am not sure I can remember precisely the utilisation across our systems, but if it was above 5%, I would have been surprised.” Ricardo Sueiras, Amazon Web Services.

In practical terms, this means businesses are choosing between good customer outcomes (over-provisioning), which come with the implication of high costs or risking poor customer outcomes (under-provisioning) but providing cost-efficiencies back to the business.

“When AWS launched AWS Lambda in 2014, I realised I was seeing a fundamental shift in how businesses could create new software solutions. I would no longer have to worry about the underlying infrastructure, with AWS Lambda being able to scale up and down as needed, and better than that, if I wasn’t using it I wouldn’t have to pay.” Ricardo Sueiras, Amazon Web Services.

The Solution

Serverless is a technology model that not only serves technologists but the businesses that they work for.

It solves a fundamental business problem and alleviates a headache for your talented teams. Giving your developers the opportunity to write code focused on business logic instead of moonlighting as an operational gate-keeper.

“I have always gravitated towards the technologies and solutions that allow me to focus more of my energies and time on addressing the things that matter to me… the best thing about AWS Lambda is that there nothing for me to manage or support – no servers meant I didn’t have to patch, keep operational teams on call, buy operational software to keep everything running and more. AWS kept everything patched and up to date, and gave me everything I needed to write my code.” Ricardo Sueiras, Amazon Web Services.

By partnering with a cloud provider who maintains, manages and is responsible for scaling of your technical infrastructure, your business can quickly realise a number of benefits:

  • Cost reduction – Especially in DevOps infrastructure and capability
  • Scalability – Flexibility built into your apps without touching a server
  • Better customer outcomes – By increasing the proximity to the end user, minimising latency
  • More agility – The ability to make rapid updates and deployments

Sounds like a compelling business case, right. But how do you know if Serverless is the perfect fit for your business, right now.

Is Serverless right for your business?

The key to making bold decisions on your infrastructure will come in part from tapping into external expertise.

By understanding other people’s experiences at different stages of their Serverless journey, you can find out. What were the blockers? Who needed convincing? How did you approach good governance? What were the risks?

Amazon run a range of events called ‘Serverless Days’, where you can interact with employees from other organisations who have implemented Serverless to ask questions and get honest answers, which could provide invaluable context to your internal discussions.

Here at Waracle, whether remotely or in-person we can help establish your business needs and identify innovative solutions that scale. We have subject matter expertise that can support you, whether you are in the ‘discovery phase’, at the point of writing a business case or ready to start implementing solutions. We are here to help, so get in touch today.

Want to know more? Download our How to justify serverless architecture in your business PDF now!

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