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Call Centre Transformation: Digital Innovation that’s Saving Millions

2nd June 2020

Call centres are still the front line for customer engagement for a lot of businesses.

Inbound call centres can be complex, data heavy, contextless channels which fuel customer frustration. Frustration for employees can mean a lack of efficiency, whereas frustration for customers can mean churn risk and lost revenue.

Call centre strategies need to be well-thought out, well-provisioned and focus on innovation. The call centre of the future is integrated, efficient, smart and should empower your customer service agents, rather than confounding them.

Where Do Call Centres Sit in the Channel Mix?

For most businesses in 2020, customers will engage across Social Channels, via Email, Via app, in web chat, in customer communities, in branches and on the phone.

In many verticals, phone is still the most widely used channel, however customer service advisors are too busy trying to patch the customer to the right department, cobble together the available information and navigate legacy systems, to think about creating a valuable customer service experience and building a relationship that facilitates upsells or cross-sells.

This is why any digital transformation programme worth its name needs to focus on call centres to deliver better customer outcomes, increase efficiency and reduce cost.

What Does Call Centre Transformation Entail?

Waracle specialise in integrating teams of experts and senior specialists into your organisation to transform call centre operations and customer experience.

By analysing your current solution, gathering user feedback and integrating new technologies such as ReactJS into stacks that include Oracle, JAVA & SAP, Waracle can transform legacy systems into experiences that deliver against commercial goals and empower employees and customers alike. These highly transformative initiatives deliver:

  • Rapid identity verification
  • Highly intuitive customer facing software experiences
  • Optimised and engaging data-driven call scripts
  • Better issue qualification prior to call handling
  • More personalised experiences
  • More qualified upsell & cross-sell opportunities
  • AI driven automated solutions and robo-advice

Who delivers the innovation?

Through an onsite delivery mechanism, Waracle delivered for Scottish Power a team of 30+ call centre transformation specialists. This included a broad range of skill-sets from project managers and scrum masters to agile coaches, ReactJS, Java and Oracle experts. The challenge was to create a solution capable of managing more than 5 million customers with high dependency on digital channels. Through deployment of agile methodologies and sheer determination, the Waracle team ensured all hereditary deadlines were met on time and within budget.

Why is Call Centre Transformation right for your organisation?

The Waracle team of call centre transformation specialists excel in streamlining existing processes and amplifying the value of each new customer interaction. This in turn enables significant resource and cost reduction, creating a compelling commercial narrative for further transformation and change. New systems also possess the capability to significantly bolster staff and customer satisfaction levels and the creation of a highly valuable new sales channel. This incorporates:

  • A single dashboard to combine business intelligence and enhance decision making capability
  • User journey tracking with prompts for added value sales opportunities
  • Reduction of staff turnover and training overhead
  • A dedicated onsite team to diffuse vital knowledge and expertise

Inbound call centre innovation and reinvigoration can lead to additional transformation. These processes can be used to leverage additional value from outbound sales efforts and field sales.

What can Waracle do for you today?

Waracle always begins with the end in mind and takes the time to uncover your commercial and technical goals. Having identified the right KPIs to underpin your future success, Waracle can quickly spin-up a ‘full stack’ team of call centre transformation experts to start your transformational journey with minimal fuss, enabling you to deliver new technologies and value add customer experiences in the shortest possible timescale.

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