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The New York Times Has Already Developed An App For Google Glass

26th April 2013

The New York Times has launched an app for Google Glass. This is fantastic news for the three people that are fortunate enough to own the coveted Google device. Readers will be able to experience the New York Times via the augmented reality spectacles. A link to the website claims to enable users to ‘Experience the award winning journalism of the New York Times on Google Glass and get breaking news alerts and hourly updates’.

Users of the New York Times Google Glass app will be able to ‘tap’ to have article summaries read aloud and enables users to stay connected to the publication in perpetuity. In order to actually start using the app, users have to enable some permissions via their Google account. This enables Google to work out basic information about the users account, their location and manage the Google Glass ‘timeline’.

Google’s Eric Schmidt recently claimed it would be roughly a year before Google Glass proliferates the mainstream. This will work out well for the New York Times, as first adopters they’ll now have 12 months or so to develop the Google Glass app and iron out any potential tweaks. The NYT Google Glass app developers can use the existing beta testers as the perfect platform for testing and ongoing development.

This is a clear statement of intent from the New York Times in terms of their intent towards developing apps for Google Glass. It will be interesting to see the effect this has on other brands and businesses seeking to develop the first wave of apps for Google Glass. This is positive news for Google, who rely on big business to adopt the technology in terms of generating credibility and the desire for similar publications to follow suit.

The success of Google Glass will rely heavily on the quality of it’s app store ecosystem. The quality of the app store ecosystem will rely on the appetite of brands and big business to develop apps that consumers want to use for Google Glass. The fact that the NYT has already developed an app for Google Glass is hugely promising in terms of the future potential and success of the technology.

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