Speeding up QA will always slow you down

26th November 2018

This article was written by Jane Wilson, Waracle’s lead UX and Data Analyser. As Waracle’s accessibility champion, she believes a flawless user experience is the crown jewel in an effective digital strategy.

The early bird gets the worm. An age-old saying that resonates across the business world. Getting to market first has always been a driving force behind quick development. Everyone wants their product to be the customers’ first, to be seen as the original, and ride the wave of hype and awe.

But, we know from years of experience, being first doesn’t guarantee you success. Buggy apps, random crashes, and poor user experiences drag apps down the app store rankings, and drive users away. Sometimes, forever.

It brings our face to our palm, that so often these catastrophes could have easily been avoided by simply testing the app pre-launch. At Waracle, we believe that a robust Quality Assurance (QA) process is vital to the success of all apps. QA time is designed into all of our project timelines, and is carried out by our tenacious team of QA testers.

It might seem counterintuitive, but the longer your app spends with the QA team, the better. Our team uses manual tests to test devices, go through business processes, and test user flows, and automated tests to go through processes again, and again, and again, and again. Such a robust QA plan ensures your app is of the highest quality, and won’t morph into the black screen of death in the user’s hand.

4 essential benefits of QA

The App actually works

There’s nothing worse than downloading a new app only for it to crash instantly. Over 80% of users uninstall apps the same day they install them, and this mass exodus plummets app rankings on both Google Play and Apple’s App Store. By thoroughly testing your apps, you can avoid Day 1 crashes and the minefield of hotfix patching.

Finding and resolving bugs during the development process is essential, it is akin to not launching faulty electronics. Whilst ensuring that the App works before launch sounds like common sense, it is astounding how many developers think that they can ‘save time and money’, but end up obliterating any chance of a successful launch.

The App is secure

Security is important for any product, and apps are no different. Apps can handle a lot of personal information about their user, and users are becoming more security aware. Data breaches can destroy ventures, or at the very least stain their reputation. Coupled with GDPR and ICO fines, it can be very costly to not take security seriously.

QA testers don’t only test your apps functionality, they test also how secure it is. How robust your password requirements are. If you can gain access to your systems without proper authentication. If the information your app is passing between the user’s phone and your backend is effectively encrypted. All of these, and more, are taken into account during robust QA testing procedures.

The App is intuitive and easy to use

User Experience (UX) is the hot button topic for app development. Apps which are hard to use, or don’t provide any benefit to the users, don’t stand the test of time. App users have an extremely low tolerance for imperfect apps, and will leave your app for a competitors’ without a second thought.

QA testing the user experience doesn’t happen only once. It is repetitive and forms a holistic view of the product. Are the notifications annoying? Are there too many pop ups? Are the adverts placed in inappropriate locations? Can your users easily find what they are looking for?

The App is built on strong foundations

If testing only begins once the app is ‘finished’, then you are already too late. The QA team are essential from the very first step; writing acceptance criteria, writing automated test, running test scripts on every API endpoint, and working collaboratively with designers and developers.

It is always cheaper to find and resolve bugs during the development cycle than it is to wait till the end. Finding all the bugs at the end is not realistic or practical. Your development team will need to undo weeks (possibly months) of work to resolve them, and not all bugs have a simple solution.

At Waracle, our experienced QA team are included in all projects from inception to post-launch optimisation. Working directly with the design and development teams, they continually test each aspect of the product, resolving issues swiftly and efficiently. They are the Gatekeepers of Success, ensuring that nothing is released (or added) until it is ready, keeping your users satisfied and their experience unhindered.

As the UK’s leading Mobile App Development Company, Waracle prides itself on delivering high quality in an efficient and timely manner. If your business wants an app to streamline processes, engage with customers, or provide digital solutions, then please contact us to kickstart your digital transformation.

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