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How to be a platform-based financial organisation

‘Platform’ is such a non-descript word to be used to describe an innovative approach for technologically enabled businesses…but it seems to fit, so let’s unpack […]
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Q&A with Head of Marketing – Michelle King

Hi Michelle, to get things started, tell us a bit about yourself? I’m Head of Marketing here at Waracle and I’ve been with the company […]
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Waracle named as a Clutch 100 fastest-growing company

At Waracle, we value our clients’ ideas and strive to translate their vision into functional, scalable digital solutions. Since 2004, we’ve been helping organisations build […]
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Augmented Reality

The AR Metaverse will trump the VR Metaverse

If you want to start an argument with anyone in technology right now, just mention one fictional location…the metaverse. This abstract, internet-based, avatar filled reality […]
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Are financial services ready for Gen Z?

Facebook has a problem. Gen Z thinks it’s a stale old “boomer” platform.  In 2012, 94% of teens had an account. A decade later, it’s […]
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Is Rust the perfect programming language?

Rust was yet again awarded the ‘most loved’ programming language in the Stack Overflow 2021 Developer Survey. Completing its sixth year at the top of […]
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Digital Health

Patient Experience: Empowering Patients | Event Recap

Digital drives empowerment. Patients can now manage their wellbeing, therapies, diagnostics and more at the touch of a button. Through mobile, wearable and connected technologies, […]
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Digital Health

Validating the ‘Product – Market Fit’ of Health Apps

The average smartphone user downloads zero new mobile apps per month. This unusual stat has not changed for the best part of a decade. But […]
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