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Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) technology has reached a point where AR is part of general consumer recognition. Traditional apps are going beyond the screen and freeing people to interact with the real-world in completely new ways. The potential of augmented reality technologies is huge. And, this potential is huge for your business or brand – we’re not just talking about the potential for Apple and Google.  At Waracle, we’re seeing a shift in the way clients are adopting new mobile software services and seeing more use of augmented reality in mobile app development projects. The inclusion of AR is happening across all industries from banking and financial services to retail, to digital health and healthcare and engineering.

There’s so much to consider if you want to develop an augmented reality app. AR is something we’ve been exploring for a long time now. One of the best ways to get your AR app to market is to outsource your development to an experienced agency, like Waracle. Our digital consultants can advise you how technologies such as the IoT, AI, voice control, blockchain and AR can set you apart from your competition. So, if you are committed to rapid innovation why not contact us today?

Remember, the potential of AR technologies is vast, not just for technology giants like Apple and Google, but for businesses and brands like you! Both ARKit and ARCore provide a simple, lightweight entry point into AR technology and will enable your business to quickly experiment with the potential capabilities of AR technology in a way never before possible.

If you haven’t already read the Top 5 Mobile Megatrends for 2018, now’s your chance to download the free whitepaper and understand the ramifications of Augmented Reality.

About Augmented Reality Development at Waracle

The recent launches of ARKit and ARCore opened up so much potential. Apple and Google have changed the game and it’s now possible to build highly immersive AR apps that can be deployed to all existing iOS and Android users and we can help you do this! AR is something we’ve been exploring for a long time now, in fact if you want to know more about what it could mean for you business, check out our Introduction to Augmented Reality App Development. And, did you know augmented reality is one of the top 5 mobile megatrends for 2018? – Learn more in our whitepaper!

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