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Recent breakthroughs in generative AI offer digital health organisations fresh opportunities for increased productivity, scale and the ability to provide hyper-personalised, 24/7 patient experiences. Schedule an Executive Breakfast Briefing for your leadership to hear how AI will affect the future of healthcare. Sign-up below.

In January 2023, just two months after its launch, ChatGPT reached 100M monthly active users, making AI freely available to the general public. It is now the fastest-growing consumer app in history. In comparison, it took Facebook 4.5 years, Instagram 2.5 years, and Twitter 5 years to hit the same milestone.

ChatGPT boasts powerful problem-solving capabilities and human-level conversational skills from an underlying large language model (LLM), a new artificial intelligence (AI) breed with broad general knowledge and domain expertise. However, the potential of LLMs is yet to be fully uncovered. As a result, leaders have as many questions as they do answers.

Our Executive Breakfast Briefing series offers an in-person, closed-door opportunity to ask Waracle’s top experts about tech trends shaping our business and customers.

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Realise opportunities to automate repetitive knowledge work, reducing costs and freeing up human expertise to focus on high-impact activities.


Provide contextually relevant, real-time performance support to healthcare professionals, enhancing productivity and confidence.


Identify opportunities to provide hyper-personalised, 24/7 patient experiences at a scale impossible without breakthroughs in AI.

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"We hadn't made time for our exec team to sit down and really explore the opportunities and threats that AI poses, Waracle gave us that environment and we found it incredibly useful."ScottishPower logoSenior Stakeholder

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